About Us

Why the name RHINO




Physical activity is essential for a healthy living and longevity. In today’s stressful lifestyle most of the people prefer working out outdoors. Outdoor exercising has a greater impact on mental and physical well-being. Adapting ones ‘self to natural environment is the easiest way to gain benefits of exercising outdoors when compared to indoor exercises. Few such important benefits are vitamin D, improved blood flow along with cardiovascular health, flexibility etc.

After tasting success in sports flooring under the name of MEMA RubFloor, we are now expanding our business beyond flooring to sports infrastructure by the name of Rhino Sports Infra Projects.

RSIP handles the entire value chain from sourcing, procurement to installation and customer service in house to maximize the quality and satisfaction of our customers.

RSIP provides a range of services such as design, installation and maintenance services to increase the performance and durability of your surfaces.

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